Be a Business Player

Career Design
  • マネジャー
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Senior manager
  • 子会社経営チーム
  • Associate
ビジネス戦略ユニット Director 山下 厚
事業開発推進本部 Producer 藤竹 賢一郎
コンサルティング本部 Senior manager 足立 知之
スカイライト アメリカ 代表 大山 哲生
コンサルティング本部 Senior Associate 盛田 連司
Career Design
ビジネス戦略ユニット Director 山下 厚
事業開発推進本部 Producer 藤竹 賢一郎
コンサルティング本部 Senior manager 足立 知之
スカイライト アメリカ 代表 大山 哲生
コンサルティング本部 Senior Associate 盛田 連司
Develop your skills as a consultant and become a driving force of business growth

At Skylight, we have an integrated human resource system for recruitment, education, assignment, evaluation, and promotion so that individuals can develop their potential and also we can be successful as a team. Consultants at Skylight build up experiences of participating in various kinds of projects in different industries in collaboration with clients, providing leadership and getting results. Through these experiences, the individuals improve their skills as consultants and become better driving forces for business growth.

Take ownership of your own career

Consultants at Skylight choose a project that they want to participate in. We also encourage them to be proactive to start R&D, seminars and new activities. Skylight is a platform for a small numbers of highly skilled consultants working hard and encouraging each other to create greater value with their own vision. Join us to open up possibilities for your career at Skylight.


Three Principles of Skylight Consulting

When we started Skylight Consulting, I made three principles that I thought as essential for new company. These three principles are still alive in the depth of Skylight Consulting.

First of all, stick to the true benefit toward our clients. Expanding the scale of the project just for achieving OUR sales target is against this principle. We do not propose any meaningless project for our clients, even if the profitability of the project is high. We ourself work hard, achieve the goal. That is the attitude we regard as important.

Second, our management team does everything for each of employees to realize his/her career success as a professional consultant based on his/her WILL. Since consulting is a professional occupation, I would like supporting to develop everyone's skills by themselves. I decided my management style to be servant leadership which supports members from behind rather than ordering to them.

Lastly, take some risks. For short-term profitability, it's correct to focus our consultant workload on short-term profitable projects, but this management approach can't make assets especially intangible assets. Instead, we decided to take risks for long-term business growth. It is hiring people with business potential and nurturing them in the long-run. It is also investing external companies such as startups.

Toshiki Habutsu
Business Strategy Unit Director Atsushi Yamashita
He holds a Bachelor's degree in Law from the University of Tokyo. In 2009 he joined Skylight Consulting Inc.. After having experiences in launching new service in financial service company, management strategy planning in a leading IT company and strategy execution in media company, he became a manager in 2014. He has been in charge of Business Strategy Unit since 2018.
Producer Kenichiro Fujitake
He graduated from university in 1996. He worked on SAP implementation projects for a major manufacturing company and establishing a Japanese subsidiary of American internet-related venture prior to joining Skylight Consulting Inc. in 2002. He was responsible for publication of "Wharton Management Strategy Series". It was a joint project with Eiji Press Co., Ltd. wherein Skylight invested in 2006. On the same year, he was transferred to and has been associated with Eiji Press. In 2018, he became a director of the company.
Consulting Dep. Senior Manager Tomoyuki Adachi
In 2003, he graduated from Keio University with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. He joined Skylight Consulting in the same year and co-translated “Next Market” (2005, Eiji Press). He was transferred to RUN.EDGE Co., Ltd. (a spin-off from Fujitsu Limited), which offers a sports video analysis and was invested by Skylight. He is responsible for business management. He also has been providing consulting supports to social business as pro bono.
CEO at Skylight America Inc. Tetsuo Oyama
He holds a Master's degree in International Relations from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. He started his career at JTB-CWT. In April 2007, he joined Skylight Consulting Inc..
He has worked on several international projects for clients including companies in Japan, India and the United States. In March 2019, he led to the establishment of Skylight America, the first overseas consulting subsidiary of Skylight. He has served as CEO and been engaged in mainly cross-border projects.
Consulting Dep. Senior Associate Renji Morita
Graduated from Soka university in 2012. At age 18, he saw a garbage mountain, which made him determined to work overseas to solve future social issues.
In his third year at university, he studied Development Economics and International Relations in South Africa. Prior to joining Skylight Consulting in 2017, he spent five years as a buyer at a leading car manufacturer. Since 2021, he has been seconded to and works as a representative of the subsidiary Unchorlight Kenya.