Co-Evolvement for Individuals and Organization

Skylight is made up of individuals with diverse values ​​and preferences.
We have working culture that encourages individual employees to do what they want to do whereby both individuals and the organization will grow together as they refine and enhance each other.

Our management welcomes initiatives from employees. This brings new business idea. Individuals can go beyond simply being a consultant to achieve their goals through work.

BU (Business Unit)

Financially self-sufficient groups can be formed with at least five people. Teams work together to deepen their expertise with common themes and develop services.

Exclusive Contractor system

If senior manager or higher level consultants wish, they can work as an independent consultant and have an exclusive contract with Skylight as an independent contractor.

Seminar activity

We run seminars group to promote employee independent learning. Volunteer employees become seminar leaders and they share and deepen their knowledge and experience through seminars activity. There are various themes such as management, marketing, education, international cooperation, and sports business. Employees can freely participate in the seminars they are interested in.

R&D activities

Since the beginning of its founding, we have institutionalized and operated service research and development activities by individuals and groups. Anyone with ideas and passion can start R & D activities. By having approval at a management meeting, anyone is given a budget and can focus on activities during working hours to lead to full-scale activities for commercialization.

Open management meeting

Any employee can participate in the management meeting held twice a week. Minutes of the management meeting are also shared openly with employees. Establishing an overseas subsidiary company, opening regional branches, and starting new businesses with our own capital... All of these things began with employees making proposals and bringing their own plans to the management meetings.

Have Fun

What kind of image do you have of a consultant's daily life?
No matter how busy consultants at Skylight are, they value spending quality time outside the project, such as going back to Skylight office and spending time with colleagues, spending time with family on weekends and going on trips after the project is over. Consultants feel refreshed and get energized by having these relaxing moments.
There are traditions of having events such as employee trips and Christmas parties. In addition to these events, volunteer members continuously come up with new event ideas and organize them.

Town Meeting
This is a meeting where president and employees can have a casual conversation and deepen engagement. Place and theme is decided freely every time. There is an active conversation regardless of employment levels. Town meeting is always filled with joy and laughter.
Tennis, baseball, golf, futsal, marathon and triathlon... Employees are engaged in various sports. There are many clubs approved by the company.
Company Trip
The company trip is one of the biggest events at Skylight. We always have a competition between presentations to decide the destination for the company trip. During the trip, everyone can enjoy games that the organizers have created.
Christmas Party
In the end of every year, we have a Christmas party inviting employees' family members and significant others to show our appreciation. We all dress up and enjoy a delicious meal.