Platform for Professionals’ Success

At Skylight, we have a platform that is necessary for human resource development, evaluation, marketing, sales, business management, quality management, and information systems. On this platform, each professional freely forms a team to deliver the best services to clients.
In addition, professionals can create ideas and make choices at their own will, which means that they can choose their own career path. This concept of “platform” is a characteristic of Skylight's management.
As Skylight develops, the possibilities for collaboration with subsidiaries, investment partners, and business alliances are expanding.


Career Development System



It is important to consider carefully on what kind of experiences individuals gain through projects in terms of career development. We at Skylight adopt a candidacy system for how to be assigned a project. Project information is disclosed to the entire company and from this, individuals stand as candidates for a project that they are interested in and form teams where each one of the members strives to work for the success of the project.
We respect individual wills on their own careers. Some may want to work in various industries. Some may want to improve their skills on a specific topic. We support the attitude of taking on a proactive challenge so that each experience can be a stepping stone to their ideal future.

Skylight Consulting
Skylight Consulting
General company
General company


Appropriate evaluation and feedback are essential for consultant growth.
Skylight has clarified standards so that the value provided to clients and various contributions to the company are evaluated fairly.
Based on the absolute evaluation criteria, evaluation and assessment for promotion are conducted twice a year.
Feedback is given directly from supervisors, managers, and executives, which helps members to recognize their own issues and talk frankly about how to approach these issues for their growth. Skylight's evaluation system is for developing human capital.


教育制度 Training

The most important assets at Skylight are human resources and the fact that we are willing to invest and support individual growth. All the necessary learning elements for career development as a consultant are covered by our education program. The contents are developed in-house, and managers directly give guidance.
In addition, there are various opportunities such as attending lectures by leading external lecturers, attending business schools, participating in external seminars, etc. These can be chosen according to personal preference. There is also a system that allows you to purchase books up to 10,000 yen every month. Motivated people can make the better use of our education system effectively.

Training course
Training course
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Book purchase system
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